Real Words

Here you will find musings that spring straight from my fingertips with no filter or cleaning up. My writings are mostly spiritual and emotional contemplations in the form of poetry and personal reflection. These works seek to uplift, highlight human connection and heighten awareness on our journey to shed fear and become our best selves. I do not seek perfection in my writing, just honesty and deep connection. 

Being honest about where you are is half the battle, it’s the pretending and fighting yourself that makes you look and feel insane.
— Alicia-Rahema Mooltrey

fear curls it’s lengthy fingers around my throat

threatening to squeeze firmly

I do not struggle, I sit very still, not wanting to entice it’s sinister being any further

I breathe slowly, I look ahead

I remember that it has not strangled me yet - only dared to

I put my mind elsewhere

trying hard to forget that the hand is there

I wander to thoughts of my successes, of the mistakes I overcame

of happiness and joy

of those that love me

to thoughts of strength and faithfulness

I wander and wander and absentmindedly raise my hand to my neck

and notice that those slimy fear fingers have fallen away

Photography by Brandon Slaughter