Please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.
— Every Airline Company in the World

Our Mission

We use self-care as a means to defeat self-doubt, guilt and fear in oppressed populations and those that work with them so that they may fulfill their highest positive potential in life.

Why Self Care?

We are more efficient and productive when we take care of ourselves, yet in our society we are pressured to ignore our basic human needs for the sake of others. This is especially so for those that are in the role of caring for others. 

We've seen this throughout history, in which certain groups were denied any form of self care and were made to serve others without any regard for their humanity; this trauma continues in many of us today. We need to relearn the idea that if we are not working on our own healing we will not be very helpful in assisting and supporting those around us.

We care for the people that care for people. 

Photography provided by Alicia-Rahema Mooltrey