Bee Berry Jiraporn; a friendly adventurer and happiness seeker living in Thailand.

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What does self care mean to you? It’s many things, sometimes its just traveling somewhere. You don’t have to go outside of your country, just somewhere you have never been or a place that will challenge you. Go see new people - new places. The problem won’t be fixed, but your mind will be more ready to address the issue.

How did you get into self-care? We have been taught like this from childhood to be peaceful, though it takes some time to really get the concept. Sometimes we look weak because we are not fighting, we try to keep peace and be positive. I’m not quick to meditate but I don't use my time fighting, I forgive and forget. Why struggle for things that don’t belong to me? Sometimes the winner is the loser in reality. 

How do you maintain self-care? I have a strong family that supports me a lot. If I have a broken heart I can talk to my mom, or if I want to go out and do something different she never tries to stop me. I also have friends that listen to me and cry with me even if they can't do anything. I work to stay positive and love myself, meaning I don't want to make myself unhappy for too long. So if I'm feeling down sometimes I get something good to eat, go to the beach, get a massage - I remember the pain is not forever. Happy is not forever either but neither is unhappy. But we are human so it's hard. Sometimes I feel stressed but then I see the children on the street with no arm and I think to myself I am very lucky, there is no reason for me to long for more.

How do you share self-care? I don’t think I’m good at it, but I am a good listener. When other people are going through things I take them out, give them something else to do rather than sitting and being sad. I also understand that some times people don’t want an answer to their problem because they already know it, so I just try to support. For example I don’t blame them if I told them a guy was bad and then things don’t work out, I just support them through that moment. When I keep myself happy it’s easy to care for others.I post positive things, I've noticed that when people post sad things people just ask "What happened?" but they don't do anything to help anyway so better to share the positive.