Cherelle Nicole; a storyteller, healer and hope dealer Los Angeles, California.


What is self-care to you? The embodiment of self-love, and it’s a set of practices and a mindset that is surrounded around nurturing the best version of who you are. Self-care is different for everyone and we all have things that work for us but don’t work for others, what’s important is exploring what makes you feel good.

How did you get into self-care? I got into it out of necessity. I was working way too much and taking on other peoples’ stress, and I had a severe injury and through that I became a healer. I realized that I needed to do things to heal myself. I relied on different healing modalities to give myself the tools to recover such as positive affirmations, and subliminal videos which show you images of what you want as well as positive words, at a high speed so that they go directly into your subconscious mind. I also used essential oils and Reiki on myself and now I am a Reiki master, crystal healer, medium, and wellness advocate for essential oils.

What are the challenges with maintaining self-care? Maintaining levels of self-worth, making sure you feel good enough about yourself to say no to things that are not working for you and yes to the things you want without worrying about what anyone else will think about it.

How do you share self-care with others? I started a wellness business in 2016 called Hope Intuitive Healing, it’s all about teaching others the gift of healing with oils, Reiki and crystals and it has expanded to two centers in Los Angeles; the Imagine Center in Tarzana, CA and My Angel Connection in North Hollywood, CA. I impart self-care information with clients every session. I think it’s important for people to remember that every person is capable of self-care and wellness, you don’t need a guru to guide you through a process, you just need a desire to love yourself fully.

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