Maïrama Ndjock; a Cameroonian, natural lover and digital marketing specialist, living in Dakar, Senegal.

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What does self-care and wellness mean to you? It is about taking care of my health, paying attention to what I'm eating and the way I live.

How did you get into self-care and wellness? I saw many people getting sick or having health problems because they didn't take time for themselves or they didn't have money to eat healthy foods. I started thinking to myself what would happen if I got sick, what would I do? So I wanted to do something before I got to that point, I wanted to be preventative and I began to pay attention to what I was eating and what I put on my skin and starting doing sports and sleeping much better. Even though I am not always consistent with sleep or exercise I always make sure I focus on eating healthy. 

What are challenges with maintaining self-care and wellness? It is not really easy here in Senegal because it’s expensive and here there are not a lot of greens - it depends on the season. You have to change the vegetables you use every few months so that you can still eat healthy. Sometimes I buy just a few vegetables, or we go to a market far away to get the products and food we need at an affordable price.

How do you share self-care/wellness with others? I try as much as possible to share my experiences and invite people to taste foods or natural product I use. I try to explain to others what I am taking when I am sick that is natural and how I do it and explain how I am able to get well. Most of the time I research which plants and vegetables are good for this or that and which vegetables are preventative of certain diseases. Like okra is preventative of cancer and helps head issues and other diseases. I always try to find out what the benefits of each vegetable is. 

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