Sexual Assault and Consent Training for Boys: A training helping boys recognize their stereotypes around sexual assault and rape and teaching them appropriate methods to get consent for sexual interactions. This training can also be altered for mixed gender and/or female groups. 

Sustaining Self Care: This workshop supports adults in enacting appropriate and sustainable ways to care for self. This also teaches mindfulness and understanding the connection between assumptions and emotions to better regulate one's behavior. This can be facilitated as a series of workshops or a single event. 

Self-Esteem Building for Youth: Youth are supported in their ability to understand their worth and how their effort in life relates to it. This can be facilitated as a series of workshops or a single event. 

Healthy Decisions for Youth: Youth are taken through various scenarios as a group and determine the most appropriate and realistic ways to deal with difficult situations. This can be facilitated as a series of workshops or a single event. 

Working with Adults: Youth learn the difference between the adult and teenage mind to better be able to interact with adults in the workplace, school and community. This workshop is usually facilitated as a single event.

Working with Trauma Impacted Youth: This workshops helps adults understand how trauma impacted youth differ from other youth and names specific ways to support those youth in our programs and communities. Usually a single event.

Recognizing Child Abuse: This focuses on the process of filing a 51A and deciphering when to file or not. This is usually a single event.

Pricing: Workshops are generally 75.00 an hour but my vary depending on alterations and amount of supplies needed. 

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